WOWZERS. After a wild 2 years of being an author-entrepreneur and creative entrepreneur, I canNOT believe I am here!

This is Colby R Rice, coming at you with a new endeavor that I'd like to call the great give back.

Welcome to Bohemian Badass!


So what exactly is a Bohemian Badass and what IS Bohemian Badass, LLC?

A Bohemian Badass is someone who doesn't wait for permission to go out into the world and CREATE, whether that be uniform, guerrilla style, indie, mainstream, or otherwise!

And at Bohemian Badass, LLC, all creatives who want to make a living off their art are welcome. DIY dissenters, ASSEMBLE!

As a company, Bohemian Badass, LLC is a female-identified community of authors, screen & TV writers, playwrights, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and more, who seek to engage in, produce, and live on our art at any cost.

To aid us on our journeys, we're opening a school (The Bohemian Badass School for Creatives), launching an eargasmic podcast, and we're releasing several non-fiction DIY book series to help our community create and live, in their own innovative ways, from the bottom up, at all costs.

It's gonna be a wild crazy BADASS ride...

::reaches out hand:: with us? ;-)


<3 Colby